About the Gardens

Created by Westmont College Dining Services by Sodexo in the Fall of 2011, the Westmont Dining Garden Project (WDGP) aims to provide the following:

  • Provide an interactive, hands-on opportunity for the campus community to learn about nutrition, caring for the environment, local food and soil stewardship
  • Offer education and training on sustainable agricultural practices, native flora and medicinal plants
  • Supplement the campus dining service with fresh, campus-grown produce

So where are the gardens you ask?

Garden Map

The gardens cover just over 3/4th of an acre of the 111 acres that make up the Westmont Campus. They are split between two separate sites.

The Tennis Court Garden is bordered on two sides by the Westmont tennis courts and can be reached by walking down the gravel service road south of Reynolds Hall. The garden is on the right.

Some of the highlights are: 5 apple trees (Fuji, Gala and Anna’s), a Hachiya Persimmon, a Fuyu persimmon, a Pomelo, 2 Lemon Guava’s, a healthy section of California Natives and a wide diversity of vegetables grown year-round. It’s a great place to get dirty… as Tim demonstrates below!


The Track Garden is below Thorrington Track and Field, and can be reached by walking along the road to the south of the track, through the gate, and past the college dumpsters. This is a wonderful garden to watch hawks circle and see the sun set in colors from under the oaks.

Some of the highlights are: 8 kiwi vines, 4 Satsuma Mandarins, 4 Pineapple Guava, 8 Pomegranate, 8 Lemon and Strawberry Guava, 2 Mango, a Gold Krist Apricot, 4 grape vines and 2 Avocado trees.


For any questions about volunteering, donating, or the project in general, contact the Westmont Dining Garden Project Coordinator at westmont.garden@gmail.com

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