Sustainability Projects

The Westmont Dining Garden Program has initiated and supported many sustainability projects over the past four years. Here are just a few things on the horizon for 2015-2016.

  • Our Sustainability and Marketing coordinator will be leading the first ever, Student Sustainability Committee for Spring of 2016. This group of dedicated and engaged young people will come together to create tangible solutions to sustainability issues faced by the students, and the college. In addition to catalyzing incremental change, they will be promoting education opportunities and increasing awareness around issues of sustainability at Westmont.
  • This year, through an exciting partnership with Sundowners Sustainability Consulting, we will be able directly address issues of water use, energy efficiency and waste reduction in the Dining Commons and Kerr Student Center.
  • The coming academic year will be full of life giving change and movement. Join in the fun by contacting the Westmont Garden Dining Program at

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