Too cheeky: The problem with yoga pants

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John Senyard
Staff Writer

Some days, it seems that almost every woman at Westmont must be taking yoga, based on the seven out of every 10 women in the DC wearing yoga pants. Usually my attention would not be drawn to a growing fashion trend among women, but this one has definitely caught my eye. Never having personally bought a pair of yoga pants, I have to trust others who say that women wear skin tight, spandex pants primarily for comfort while exercising. So why have these workout clothes migrated from the gym and become typical clothing option found on women anywhere on campus?

I understand the desire for personal comfort and how Westmont permits pajamas or sweatpants in class, so students can roll straight out of bed and into class. However, certain clothing options are better suited for specific surroundings. There is nothing wrong with wearing a speedo while doing laps or a wrestling singlet while in a match, but it might be a tad distracting walking into class or the DC rocking your swim gear or singlet. Although this is an extreme example, simply wearing yoga pants and leggings does catch the eye. Help a brother out, ladies. I understand their consequences are unintended, but in many cases yoga pants do not leave much to the imagination.

Understandably there are many different opinions on this new trend. One student at Roger Williams University took an extreme position in his view of yoga pants and stated, “Yoga pants do not count as real pants; they, unlike actual pants, reveal the intimate curvature of women’s bodies with unabashed honesty. Yoga pants are opaque nudity.” I do not personally take the same position on the subject but can see some truth behind what this student is saying.

This trend is not just affecting schools located in summer-vacation climates like Santa Barbara, but is also raising issues in Ohio and with our hockey-loving neighbors to the north. In a public high school in Loveland, Ohio, dozens of teens were reprimanded and some given in-school suspensions for wearing yoga pants. A school in Ottawa experienced a similar situation and stated, “If they choose to wear the popular tight-fitting pants to class, they must cover up with more clothing.”

The purpose of this article is in no way to judge women for wearing yoga pants but rather to bring awareness to the fact that without something covering up the thin layer of spandex around your waist, eyes are easily drawn to that area. Maybe most of the blame can and should be placed on the pair of wandering eyes, as self-control is a fruit of the spirit, but many could testify that it can be a tough battle against the pants. As one Westmont student very articulately stated, “Yoga pants are the Wonder Bra for your butt.”

Any worry or concern can be easily solved by simply wearing a shirt, a vest, a sweater, or some article of clothing that is long enough to reach below your waist, thus achieving comfort and being more modest.


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