Artist of the Week: Emily Auman

Posted By Horizon Staff November 13th, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment : 0 COMMENTS

Shannon Moore
Staff Writer
This week, A&E sat down with fourth-year dancer and choreographer Emily Auman. This gymnast-turned-dancer has found a close-knit community here at Westmont over the past four years, participating in Fringe Festival and dance concerts. When good music comes on, Auman is almost always choreographing and envisioning new pieces and new movement.

A&E: Are you working on any pieces for this semester?

Auman: Yeah, I’m actually really excited! This semester I’m choreographing a solo for the fall concert, which is on the [Dec.] 8th and 9th and you should all go! And next spring is going to be my senior project, which is a dance/theater piece that is going to be about half an hour long.

A&E: Why do you dance and choreograph? What draws you to it?

A: I was first really drawn to dance because I feel like it’s one of the few modes of expression that can resonate with everyone, because it sort of gets to the core of human emotional reality without directly saying it.  There’s a lot of open-endedness: people can relate to it no matter what your original intention was, because it’s not so much a direct statement. Anybody can experience it at their own level.

A&E: What comes first for you in choreographing?

A: Anytime I stop moving or doing things, I automatically just kind of start choreographing unintentionally. Usually the music comes last.  And I love collaboration. There’s always something a little bit better about pieces where you actually work with other dancers. Not only do you bring what naturally comes to you without trying to put it on other people, they bring that too, and it just meshes together in a way that one person can’t create.

A&E: Do you have plans for dance after graduation?

A: My eventual goal is to create a program for at-risk youth, since the arts are being taken out of schools. I know I came from a very tumultuous home life where dance is what really kept me going because it was after school. School is great, but then after school, you’re sent back into a world that is not healthy. This way, it would be a group of different artists that go from school to school doing after school programs.  That is what I want to do!

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