Double Dare 2000: An entire week of dares, courtesy of Sara Reinis

Posted By Horizon Staff January 31st, 2013 in Capstone : 0 COMMENTS

Classy kids don’t YOLO, they Carpe Diem. Welcome to the week of dares (starts February 4, 2013). If anyone completes all of these dares, I will go bowling with you.

Day 1:  While people are in the showers, storm into the bathroom blaring “All of the Lights” by Kanye West and violently flicker all of the lights.

Day 2: Take over a guided tour of Westmont. Be sure to mention the gender segregated eating hours and the chapel hazing.

Day 3: Walk up to someone you don’t know in the DC and say “The Lord wants us to produce offspring.”

Day 4: On school assignments, replace any “s” in your first, middle, or last name with a $.

Day 5: Challenge any given professor to a twerking competition.

Day 6: Ask someone out on a date that you aren’t sure you want to marry.

(jk Westmont, let’s not get too crazy)

Day 7: This is a day of rest…in the sense that you need to take a nap on the library treadmills.

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