Get to know your Westmont Territories

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Eric Zuidema


Imports: high praise

Exports: occasional desserts

City on a Hill

Imports: freedom to close doors

Exports: pregnancies


Imports: unknown

Exports: unknown

Central Clark

Imports: new grand pianos

Exports: this newspaper

Downtown [sic] Abbey

Imports: Westmont shuttles

Exports: dirty southerners


Imports: mac ‘n cheese

Exports: singleness 


Imports: acoustic guitars

Exports: overconfidence  

Federation of Express

Imports: boxes

Exports: uhhh, boxes

Garden State

Imports: frisbees

Exports: pollen

Washington, D.C.

Imports: “fresh” food

Exports: that weird smell

Kingdom of Academia

Imports: all your time

Exports: dropouts

Jesus’ House

Imports: grace and truth

Exports: prayer for grandma

Imports: young love

Exports: burst bubbles

Independent Confederacy of Van Kampen

Imports: freedom

Exports: all the popular kids 

The Wastelands

Imports: vehicles, in theory

Exports: frustrated drivers


Imports: shut-ins

Exports: no way out

The Animal Kingdom

Imports: big dudes (and gals)

Exports: sweat

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