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Briana Sanchez

Staff Writer

Second-years Donald Brubaker and Jake Elliot teamed up to form their band, “Oh Frontier,” in the summer of 2012. This band indeed takes on new frontiers, challenging the unknown. Brubaker and Elliot boast an extensive history of music in their lives, which allows them to explore new territory.

Both experienced musicians, Brubaker began playing piano at a young age. He has since moved on to drums and guitar. Elliot, on the other hand, has played the drums since age five. Aside from being in a band together, the two are just as passionate about playing music with the worship team in Chapel, and are involved in other ways with Westmont’s music program.

Before the creation of “Oh Frontier,” the two students actually began as a rap group, called “2 Yung 2 Thug.” They had a debut album (though unreleased), “2 Rich 4 You.” While short-lived, Burbaker and Elliot cite that venture as an essential part of their background and experience, helping to shape their new band’s identity and propel them along in their musical careers.

“Oh Frontier” is certainly a unique band, but they manage to stay true to their alternative/rock roots. The two members describe their sound as “a delicious blend of gritty, ear-splitting garage rock and syrupy, foot-tappin’ blues.” The band indeed embodies a rock style and sound, but still defies strict labels and keeps a bit of an edge.

Brubaker and Elliot have also depicted the objective of their music as “fulfilling the need to proclaim… a channeling of all that consumes us; a declaration of those things we too often conceal.” Their songs reflect this through rugged ballads, descriptive lyrics and powerful drums.

A standard goal for most of their creations is to ignite a movement of hand clapping and high energy among their audiences. As far as writing their music, they mentioned that their inspiration comes from a variety of places, including heavy metal and hard rock. “Oh Frontier” opined that “inspiration finds its roots in everything: harrowing defeat, shameful lies, renewed compassion, my sweetheart’s eyes.”

Brubaker and Elliot are in the process of preparing demos for a recording that will tentatively take place sometime this summer. They keep busy planning shows around the Santa Barbara area. The band also enjoys playing spontaneous concerts on campus. Many fans have been graced with these ambush concerts before (think flash mob, only a music performance), in the corridors of Page Hall and the upper lounge of Clark A.

Though the next location remains a surprise, Brubaker said, “The next secret show will most likely be sometime next week. And a reliable source tells me that the whiteboards in the upstairs library study rooms often share such information.”

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more hints to come, and enjoy a break from your routine with the next “Oh Frontier” surprise show. In the meantime, check out their website ( for songs and more information.

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