Twitterpated: Pickup lines for babies (to use on other babies)

Posted By Horizon Staff March 3rd, 2013 in Capstone : 0 COMMENTS

Did your mommy play Mozart for you while in the womb? Because your beauty makes me lose my composure. #pickuplinesforbabies

I was born prematurely because I couldn’t wait one day longer to be with you. #pickuplinesforbabies

They must have had a mix-up at the hospital, because you’re obviously the daughter of angels. #pickuplinesforbabies

My desire for a life with you started at conception. #pickuplinesforbabies

Were you an in vitro baby? Because you’ve got impregnating me with desire down to a science. #pickuplinesforbabies

Hey, baby. #pickuplinesforbabies #hadtodoit

Did it hurt? “Did what hurt?” Did it hurt when you were ejected from a woman’s birth canal? #pickuplinesforbabies

You’re going to be pretty when your hair and teeth grow in. #pickuplinesforrealistbabies

Can I buy you some…milk? #pickuplinesforbabies

When I wake up and cry in the middle of the night, it’s for you. #pickuplinesforbabies

I could never be weaned off of being with you. #pickuplinesforbabies

I can’t speak when I’m next to you. Or ever. #pickuplinesforbabies #irony






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