Warrior Tennis Continues to Dominate

Posted By Horizon Staff March 5th, 2013 in Sports : 0 COMMENTS

Amanda Underwood
Staff Writer
This past Saturday, the Westmont Warriors competed against Hope International at home in an effort to add a win to their already impressive record.
 Lukas Zielen, the #4 player, has found himself with some ill-timed injuries to his lower back and was not able to compete in this weekend’s matches. After adjustments to the lineup, Tim Goranson played #1,  Rodrigo Schaefer at #2,  John Bertram at #3,  Josh Barnard at #4, Nick Szyndlar at #5 and Travis Kimsey at #6.
Beginning with men’s singles, all of the top six won in straight sets against the top Hope players, not allowing any of them to come within four points of victory.
The doubles matches moved quickly; the Warriors swiftly displayed the skills necessary to shut down Hope’s boys with final scores of 8-1, 8-3, and 8-1. With an overall score of 9-0, the men now hold a GSAC record of 4-1.
As the women faced off, Hope continued to find that their efforts fell short. With  Grace Davis, Nicci Yvanovich and  Fernanda Rivera all pulled out due to injuries, the lineup consisted of  Tara Yekrang,  Jessica Cedillo,  Emily Keach,  Carolyn Stevens, Haily Stradness, and  Alyson Meyer.
The girls put on exciting performances for the crowd. Largely dominating the competition, they passed through singles with victories straight across the board. In doubles they continued to prevail with scores of 8-6, 8-0, and 8-1. Conclusively, the Westmont women carried on their undefeated record in GSAC play.
After such a sweep, the Warriors celebrated their victories. However, the athletes know that victory requires hard work and dedication; the celebration was continued on the court as the men began preparing for their next opponent, Boston. They will be once again playing on the home courts, while the women will travel to Biola for matches on Saturday, March 9.

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