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Samantha Crandall
Staff Writer

Students interested in positions as part of the Westmont College Student Association (WCSA) gave speeches on Tuesday, March 5, in hopes of fulfilling their desire to represent the student body in this upcoming academic year.

Fourth-year Kristin Lo, the current WCSA President, explained that the best candidates are those who want to be the voice of their fellow students and have a “vision” for how they hope to impact our campus. WCSA officials are responsible for ensuring that the interests of students are made known to faculty, staff, and administration.  Therefore, it is necessary that students who are considering running for election have a vested interested in the student body.

Students are running for seven positions: WCSA President, WCSA Vice President, Multicultural Representative, Business Manager and Class Presidents. The holder of each position must attend weekly meetings and work with the rest of the student government in order to plan various on campus events and represent the student body to the various committees.

However, each office holds distinct tasks. Lo explained that the WCSA President is responsible for carrying out his or her “vision” for the student body and for leading the council to make decisions that are the most advantageous for everyone they are representing.

The Vice President is expected to support the President in whatever ways possible, as well as to act as a guiding force for all the Class Presidents; these class representatives’ duties are to determine the desires of the class they were elected to represent. This entails planning various events and activities depending on what their fellow classmates need, whether that be study breaks or events with informative lectures.

The Multicultural Representative acts as the main communicator between WCSA and the Intercultural Organization to ensure the voices of minority students are heard and taken into consideration. Therefore, they serve an important leadership role between two influential campus organizations.

Finally, the Business Manager is in charge of the student government’s funds (money allocated from student fees). They also make recommendations on how to best spend that money.

The candidates went through a multistep process, including filling out a packet from WCSA, completing a petition of student signatures and finishing the online Common Application. Now, they have represented their views and goals through speeches; today, March 7, they compete for the student body’s votes.

The link to vote for next year’s school officials will be sent out on Thursday. Voting is open all day, so exercise the chance to elect whomever will best represent the student body. The elected members of the 2013-2014 WCSA council will (tentatively) be announced March 8.

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