Holy Week Cuisine: Eat the right stuff

Posted By Horizon Staff March 28th, 2013 in Capstone : 0 COMMENTS

Eric Zuidema


Palm Sunday (March 24th): Coconut Shrimp


Holy Monday (March 25th): Bundt Cake


Holy Tuesday (March 26th): Fasting (deny your meals thrice)


Spy Wednesday (March 27th): 30 Silver Dollar Pancakes


Maundy Thursday (March 28th): Garden Salad with Olives


Good Friday (March 29th): Death by Chocolate (from TGI Friday’s)

Black Saturday (March 30th): Lutefisk (because so many terrible things have happened on this day; just check out the Wikipedia disambiguation page for it)


Easter Sunday (March 31st): Self-Rising Bread


Got more ideas for Holy Week Cuisine? We’ll bet you want other people to know so they can praise you as the Emeril Lagasse of religious food humor. Kick your publicity up a notch: tweet your genius with #holyweekcuisine and @thatcapstone. We might even criticize your wit and call you sacreliegious ON THIS PAGE, to the delight of all your friends and enemies. What a treat.

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