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Allison Cole

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Dying to see the next Scorcese? How about witnessing the birth of a premier playwright? Or maybe catching an early performance of the new Lord of the Dance? These opportunities and countless others will be available to all who attend Westmont’s celebration of dance, theatre, film and performance art at Westmont Fringe 2013: On the Verge. The event is modeled on fringe festivals throughout the world, and Westmont students, faculty and staff will all take part in the performances during the weekends of April 11-13 and 18-20.

Third-year Sara Reinis is just one of the many participants. She will be performing in two pieces: “Traveling” and “Sante Domingo.”

“I’m most looking forward to seeing how the other pieces that I’m not in play together for the festival’s energy,” said Sara, “I’m interested to see how, from one play to the next, the entire play is transformed by the directors; different lighting, staging, everything.”

The festival is made up of a variety of pieces, ranging from comedy to drama to dance.  The performances vary in location depending on the production, taking place both in Porter Theater and in different locations around campus.  Collectively, the show will run from 7-10:30 p.m. each night. All-access passes for the festival will be available to students for $7, while the general public may purchases passes for $10. The pass allows you to attend all three nights of the event and may be purchased at the Porter Theatre box office, online at or through Beth Whitcomb at (805) 765-7040. The box office will open 30 minutes before the first performance of the night.  

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