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Briana Sanchez
Staff Writer

You can look at a picture of the Grand Canyon, or you can experience it in person, standing along
 the edge of the canyon and marveling at its majestic beauty. Likewise, you can listen to famous
 classical songs on your iPod, or you can attend a concert to experience that melodious masterpiece as it was intended to be heard. (AWKWARD.  IS THIS NECESSARY?)

This last weekend, the 16th annual Masterworks Concert, a collaboration of the Westmont Music
 programs, presented an opportunity to witness the performance of some grand compositions.

This phenomenal performance took place at the beautiful First United Methodist 
Church. The concert was a collection of performances by the Westmont Orchestra, College Choir, Men’s Chorale and the Chamber Singers.

The Chamber Singers, directed by Dr. Grey
 Brothers, opened the concert with a magnificent rendition of “Kyrie” and “Gloria” by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, a renowned 
composer of Renaissance works. The men and women of College Choir, directed by Dr. 
Michael Shasberger, performed a different piece, also titled “Gloria,” composed by Francis
Poulenc. This piece featured the talented soprano soloist and Westmont Vocal Instructor, Celeste Tavera.

noteworthy performance was “Vier Gesange,” a beautiful piece in German performed by the women of
 College Choir. The men of College Choir and Men’s Chorale, accompanied by the strings of the orchestra, showcased their talent as they performed “His Robes For Mine,” a contemporary composition by Dan 

This concert’s many wonderful pieces highlighted the talent of
Westmont’s gifted musicians and singers. Alumni and other community members were invited to join the College Choir in singing Poulenc’s “Gloria,” providing an opportunity for musicians of all ages to come together to praise the Lord in joyful song.

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