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Jonathan Puckett
Staff Writer

Since South Korea’s new president, Park Geun Hye, took office, North Korea has become increasingly hostile toward the United States and South Korea.  North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been threatening hostilities against its neighboring nations, while presumably continuing to test nuclear arms.

On March 8, North Korea announced that they were scrapping the armistice agreement made 60 years ago, which effectively ended the Korean War (USA Today).  This is a terrifying announcement for the nations of South East Asia, and it has produced actions and harsh rhetoric from the rest of the world community.  Tokyo announced on Monday, April 8, that they would deploy Patriot missiles at strategic locations and anti-missile batteries at military bases throughout the country.  Japan also reported that they would deploy several destroyers with missile interception interfaces onboard along the Sea of Japan (

Some analysts speculate that Jong-Un is planning to schedule a missile launch –either an attack or test– that will coincide with the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, his grandfather, later this month.  While this type of threat has been frequent and consistent for years now, Tokyo is taking this most recent threat more seriously, as Japan has been the central target of threats made by the North Korean official newspaper.  The newspaper stated, “[Japan] will have to pay a dear price for its imprudent behavior” (  The imprudent behavior is a reference to Japanese acquiescence to U.S. support of South Korea.

North Korea declared they had entered a state of war with South Korea on March 30, putting stress on the South’s new president; Geun Hye entered into office on promises to draw Korea into an era of peace and unification, where “all Koreans can lead prosperous and freer lives” (The Telegraph).  The North’s aggression, however, is making a peaceful unification of all of Korea seem more and more distant.

More recently, on Tuesday, April 9, Pyongyang issued a warning to foreigners in South Korea to leave immediately because they cannot guarantee their safety after April 10.  They issued this warning while removing 50,000 of their workers from the Kaesong complex, a joint operation between North and South Korea for the past 10 years.  The Korean Peninsula “is inching close to a thermonuclear war,” stated a North Korean member of the Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (FOX News).  With the escalating aggression, new hostilities will arise until either a last-minute compromise or a boiling point is reached.


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