Magical Magic: Not that fake stuff

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Matthew Bennett
Don’t even get him started on hypnotism 

What is magic, really? According to first-year Grady Goff, magic “cannot be gained nor can it be learned. It simply is, if you are worthy enough to bear it.”


But what is magic? Well, some may tie magic to alchemy or Harry Potter or the Force or something like that. Some may even say that magic is all hodge-podge. Don’t ask what Mike thinks.


According to Taylor Swift, a love affair can even be magic. According to Wikipedia — there are too many definitions of magic on Wikipedia to truly allow it to be a source of definite knowledge. But what is knowledge? Well, I know that Eric is looking over my shoulder.


Let’s look at magic qualitatively:  

Do you believe in magic? Well, to answer that question, ask the following questions:

Is the music groovy? Does it make you feel happy like an old time movie?


But because we are liberal arts students, we can also look at magic quantitatively:

Is it something you can have?

B.o.B says he’s got the magic. Kiki Dee had it first.

Is it something you can do?

“You can do magic. You can have anything that you desire. Magic.” Words from the 80s rock powerhouse band America.


Goff even believes it’s possible to be really good at magic, as he claims to be. We may never find out through him.

But Justin Willman might also think magic is something you can be good at. Or maybe it’s something he has. To find out, you’d have to go to the Justin Willman show this Friday in the gym. He’s a magician, if you didn’t know. That involves magic.


If you do believe in magic, go find out if you have it, by golly!

But what do you do if you don’t believe in magic? Find out next week, when we feature one less article on magic that this week.

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