Phoenix Night

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Ashley Estebo

Staff Writer

What can get any better than a night filled with free desserts and a free art, poetry, and music
show? I’ll tell you what: nothing! On Thursday, April 25th beginning at 7:30pm in Porter
Theatre, you have the opportunity to take part in Phoenix Night. This event, on top of providing
free stuff, is the final and biggest of the Phoenix. According to Mandi DeVos, one of the
committee members in charge of Phoenix Night, the purpose of this event is to showcase the
works of Westmont’s artists, musicians, and writers whose works were published in the Phoenix
and to glorify God through creativity and community sharing. The entire Westmont community
is invited to take part in this event, and so is the broader community. It is also worth noting that
the Phoenix literary-arts magazine and the Phoenix CD will be distributed that night.

This night is not only a big deal to the Westmont community, but it is also a very special
occasion for the featured artists. When asked what she did immediately after finding out her
art would be published in the Phoenix, Paige Harris ’14 said, “I screamed, of course! And then
called my mom.” Paige also commented that Phoenix Night is “sincerely a beautiful time when
the community comes together and unwinds after a long semester to celebrate creativity and
encourage the passions of our brothers and sisters.” Similarly, Kyli Sessions, another featured
artist, comments that “Phoenix Night shifts the creative process from artist to community of
artists, which is inevitably both rewarding and whimsical.” When asked what their favorite part
of this whole experience has been, Kyli said, “I particularly enjoyed considering what might be
an apt piece for the Phoenix creation as a whole, and then seeking to submit a piece that would
benefit the collection and the community.” For Paige, the experience has given her confidence
in her musical talent. Paige comments, “I’ve been a closet musician for years now, especially in
such a talented, thriving community as Westmont. Fear crippled my creativity until I met my
friend, Tudor (who’s featured in my song) this past summer. He encouraged me to be honest and
vulnerable– to just start writing. I think this whole process has been so freeing and beautiful. The
positive feedback for the song has been so touching.”

An anonymous panel of judges chose the artists who will be showcased and had their art pieces
published in the Phoenix magazine. All the bands on the CD also had to go through an open
auditioning process. When asked why she thought Phoenix Night is an essential part of the
Westmont community, Mandi DeVos said, “Phoenix Night is an important part of Westmont
because it is one of the rare times where the range of human emotions and experiences are
encouraged to be expressed creatively by a diverse group of artists – from all different majors and
years in school – and shared openly with the community. It is the epitome of what the Phoenix
envisions: to provide a platform for students to share their gifts with others. I strongly believe
in the importance of every person’s voice being heard and that there is a beauty in how the
intimacy of creativity calls people to respond. Yes, my Phoenix staff and I have worked all year
to produce a literary-arts magazine and CD, but it is at Phoenix Night that we get to celebrate
what it means to be human as a whole community.”

This is an event you will not want to miss. I mean, where else can you get a free dessert-and-
show deal? Nowhere! So head on over the Porter Theatre, enjoy a break from studying, and
support all of our wonderful artists and their talents! You won’t regret it!

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