UCSB Global Warming Conference

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Christina Guimera

Staff Writer

This past Friday, the University of California-Santa Barbara hosted a conference in an attempt to bring to light the current rise in sea levels, a result of heightened global temperatures.  According to Noozhawk.com, the conference left many of those in the audience looking troubled, with “furrowed brows.”

The morning sessions of the conference included intimate stories shared by people from communities in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Santa Barbara who have been personally affected by changes in their environment.

Later in the afternoon, experts in different fields discussed the decisions that will have to be made over the course of the next century as a result of rising sea levels (Noozhawk).  “It all comes down to water,” said retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral David Titley.

Titley went on to say that the ice in the arctic is disappearing into the ocean and measures need to be taken not solely by the United States, stressing that all countries around the world need to collaborate to solve the issue at hand (Noozhawk).

“It’s very difficult to actually point to climate change even though climate change is already happening,” said Kathryn Yusoff, a Lecturer at Lancaster University. “There’s this kind of cusp that we’re living on. There’s a tendency to engage and say we should do something and then do nothing. This question of obligation is very kind of key.”

Unfortunately, most people seem to half-heartedly say that more needs to be done to help the environment and then they do nothing. Actions do in fact speak louder than words, and simple changes in one’s life make all the difference.  Using reusable water bottles, recycling, using electricity and warm water sparingly are all ways in which we are entirely capable of being better stewards of the Earth.

Paula Apsell, a senior executive producer for NOVA, lightheartedly said that the media needs to find a balance between “scaring the pants off people” and giving them information they can comprehend or practice.

Perhaps if more people are informed by conferences like the one held this past Friday and thus inspired to take better care of the Earth, a shift will occur and we can save the planet further damage.

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