Artist of the Week: David Baldi

Posted By Horizon Staff April 30th, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment : 3 COMMENTS

Chelsea Joy

Staff Writer

Forget about Starbucks. Just ask for a cup of coffee from third-year David Baldi. Baldi possesses an unusual skill: he roasts his own special coffee.

“If this were a resume and I were trying to sound fancy, I would call myself ‘roastmaster,’ ‘cupper,’ and ‘brewing technician,’” Baldi said. “When I was a sophomore in high school, I started wandering curiously around San Francisco—and it wasn’t long until I stumbled into a coffee shop and had a cup that blew my mind. I have been nerding out about it ever since.”

Baldi began home-roasting in small batches. Now he is working on what he calls the Edison Coffee project. He began Edison Coffee, which you can check out at, a business he hopes to get off the ground in the coming weeks. This entrepreneurial pursuit allows him to invest in his craft and use his knowledge of roasting, brewing and cupping to spread his love of coffee.

Despite his personal creativity, Baldi is hesitant to define himself as an artist.

“I think ‘craft’ might be closer to how I understand it,” Baldi says. “It is less about my own expression and more about ‘unlcoking,’ so to speak, the coffee so it can speak for itself.”

Baldi is currently working to sell his own coffee beans, meaning coffee fanatics can brew their own cup of Baldi’s signature coffee flavors!

“We are just a week or two away from being able to sell beans!” Baldi says. “It is a dream come true.”

When asked if he has a favorite coffee chain, Baldi said, “I’d rather keep quiet on this one!”

Keep an eye on Baldi’s web site for upcoming information on how to buy his brews.

Photo by Avary Mitchell

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