Local hero attempts rescue of back page

Posted By Horizon Staff April 30th, 2013 in Capstone : 0 COMMENTS

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DJ Stout, fourth-year and true American hero, made a significant donation to The Capstone this week, in hopes of saving the page from financial ruin: an entire dish of pumpkin bread pudding.

I know, right? We were shocked at such a spectacular act of unbidden generosity, and our financial consultants were sure this gift would be enough to keep The Capstone afloat.

Unfortunately, it was not. It tasted really good, though. Lesson learned: you can’t pay off student loans with dessert, even if you manage to convince the post office that cellophane is an appropriate shipping container and that packages which are still warm don’t require postage.

Thanks, DJ. Even if The Capstone must pass on, you saved our morale, and that’s good too.

Why is everyone looking over there?

Why is everyone looking over there?

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