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I am very excited to introduce Westmont’s Excellent New Bloggers.

Chung, Jaewoo – Technology Blog

Technology is always evolving. It’s almost like a virus which always finds ways to excite and motivate consumers. Focusing on the evolution of tech today, my goal is to report back to you readers, the most interesting and up-to-date news!


Durkin, juliandra – Local Culture & Events


Grossman, Elizabeth – Off Campus Blogging


Chung, Jaewoo – Technology News

Durkin, Juliandra – Local Culture and Events

Grossman, Elizabeth – Blogging from ____

Hendershot, Taylor – Art


O’Neal, Cameron – Sports

Postal, Caitlin – Blogging from ____

Rosenstein, Emily – Fashion & music

Fashion and music are two things I am very passionate about. They are art forms and a way to express ourselves. Here, I will share with you inspiring, beautiful, and unique ideas and thoughts about fashion and music.

Siverly, Benjamin & christian Turner – Westmont Culture

Stark, Kristabel – Human Interest

To stave off gray hair and mid-college crisis, I’m writing a blog about the ABC’s. The ones from kindergarten. Check it out sometime. The theme song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. One word a week, alphabetical order. Twenty-six weeks gives me a little less than a year in the life of a Westmont student and some new definitions for common words from A to Z.

Stratton, Joshua – Music


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