A Simple Assignment

Feeling frazzled? A new book, A Women’s Guide to a Simpler Life (Harmony Books), offers friendly, forgiving, and soothing advice to overwhelmed women. Doris Roberts Fuller ’72 collaborated with Andrea Van Steenhouse, a psychologist and Colorado radio personality, to produce the self- help volume. They met weekly to discuss their ideas, and Doris wove their stories together as she wrote the narrative. The book has made the Colorado best-seller list. But has Doris taken her own advice and simplified her life? “I have acted on some of our suggestions, such as hiring a wardrobe consultant, eliminating call-waiting, and cutting off junk mail,” she replies. “But more importantly, I have stopped feeling guilty about what I’m not doing. I consciously make choices for things that are important to me—such as my children—and no longer regard these decisions as rejecting other activities.” Doris just finished her first novel, Pass with Caution: A Roadsign, which she hopes to sell next year.

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