Giving Back Right from the Start

As a Westmont student, Melissa Balzer ’91 never thought she would give money to the college after she graduated. “But once I got out of school, it became very important to me to support Westmont,” she explains. “I had such an excellent education and enjoyed college so much that I wanted to help others have the same experience. I know tuition costs a lot, and I like the idea of supporting scholarships for students. Giving makes me feel connected to Westmont now that I’m an alum.”

One of the youngest members of the President’s Associates, Melissa has made a significant commitment to Westmont. “I think it’s important to share the resources God gives us whether or not we make a lot of money,” she says. “To me, it is especially essential to support Christian institutions like Westmont.”

Melissa has returned to the Bay Area where she grew up and works as an executive assistant for Del Monte Foods in San Francisco. Her boss heads up worldwide operations, including all the company’s plants, facilities, and production, and Melissa’s tasks are wide-ranging. She enjoys the international aspect of her work, especially after participating in Westmont’s Europe semester, the highlight of her college years.

Another benefit of working for Del Monte is the company’s willingness to match every gift Melissa makes to Westmont, making her donations doubly effective.

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