Published: Fall 1996 in Parents

Make the Westmont Connection

By Max McCormack
Member, Westmont Parents Council

Now that you’ve read about the joint effort to establish internships for students, it’s time to sign up for “The Westmont Connection.” This unique program gives students an opportunity to gain a glimpse of the “real world” while making a contribution to a business or organization. The Westmont College Parents Council is working with the Career and Life Planning Office and the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations to establish this important service.

The first phase of The Westmont Connection begins next summer when we hope to have 25 summer jobs/internships open to Westmont students in areas such as Seattle, Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Orange County, and Minnesota. Wherever you live, you can join the program by making a position available.

I have been blessed by hiring several college interns to work in my small office over the past 10 years. In my experience, interns can be far more productive than you ever imagined. College students are smart and learn very quickly. They are particularly successful working on projects that match their individual gifts.

If you would like to talk to students in person, you can attend the Westmont College Job Fair on Monday, February 24, 1997, in Santa Barbara. Whether you own a small business or work for a major corporation, you can find students to fill a wide variety of positions. You will also have an opportunity to talk to graduating seniors who are looking for full-time, permanent positions. The Career and Life Planning Office is sponsoring this event, which is the first of its kind on campus.

Westmont’s qualified and competent students are in big demand in the Santa Barbara area as part-time employees, interns, and volunteers. With their skills, initiative, and great attitudes, they have earned a reputation as excellent and dependable workers.

Please call Tina Kistler, assistant director of career and life planning, at (805) 565-6059 for more information about The Westmont Connection and Job Fair. She can send you a flyer about the job fair. You can also send her an e-mail message at:

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