Published: Summer 1997 in Giving

An Annual Success

After only 11 months, The Westmont Fund had already exceeded the target of $1,050,000 for the 1996-97 fiscal year. A variety of campaigns contributed to this exciting success.

Expanding the direct mail program paid off as alumni, parents, and friends responded with gifts that contributed about 16 percent of the total goal. Some of these donors gave to the college for the first time.

The number of President’s Associates, who send in $1,000 or more each year, continued to grow, and they contributed nearly $700,000 this year.

A pledge by alumni trustees to match gifts from new alumni donors assured the success of the Alumni Phonathon, which raised about $64,000.

Another effort by student callers benefited the Warrior Sports Associates and brought in almost $24,000 for athletic scholarships.

The Parents Council has adopted a project that falls under the auspices of The Westmont Fund. They will provide carpeting for Van Kampen Hall and renovate a lounge in each of the other residence halls. The Class of 1997 is supporting this project for their senior gift.

The Arts Center Council raised nearly $14,000 to bring outstanding art exhibits to Reynolds Gallery.

By providing scholarships for gifted, committed students and funds for academic programs, The Westmont Fund also supports the award-winning students and professors profiled in this issue.

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