The Best of the L.A. Blues

Brian Bixler ’92 is proud to dress in blue these days–he graduated number one in his class from the Los Angeles Police Academy. The All-American and number two all time performer in the pole vault at Westmont says he’s “glad for the opportunity to influence kids on the edge” as he patrols his beat in Hollywood.

He outperformed the other 53 recruit officers, including his older brother, Eric, who also finished in the top of the class. The March ceremonies marked the first time in Los Angeles Police Academy history that two brothers graduated together. Brian served as class president and Eric as recruit class leader.

After graduating from Westmont with a major in religious studies, Brian pursued practical training as a youth pastor. But his desire to reach youth in danger of slipping through society’s cracks, combined with the advice of his father, a former narcotics officer, led him to seek a career in the police force. Brian wants to use his influence with kids in a non-overbearing way, and track coach Russell Smelley believes he will. “Brian’s achievements speak for themselves, but his friends and professors at Westmont knew him as a very engaging all around guy who was easy to like,” he comments.

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