Wallace Emerson Society

Dorothy Schuele loved managing a radio station because each day was different and exciting. Good planning helped her deal with the immediacy of broadcasting, and she credits her late husband, Carl, with preparing her to manage both the station and her finances after he died in 1993. The Schueles moved to Santa Barbara in 1969 and bought KRUZ in 1971. They gradually became acquainted with Westmont through the people they met (including President David Winter), and many of them became close friends. Using Westmont students as interns at the station only increased their respect for the College. When it came time to plan their estate, they remembered Westmont. “The idea of making an investment in the next generation really appealed to us,” Dorothy says. “I consider it essential to prepare them to bring a Christian perspective into the secular world.”

For more information about the Wallace Emerson Society, call Iva Schatz, Director of Planned Giving, (805) 565-6034.

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