Community Tributes

A Top-of-the-Mountain Vision
by W. Pendleton Tudor

One of the Tudors’ greatest blessings in moving to Santa Barbara was becoming a part of Westmont College’s extended family. From that association has evolved a very special and warm friendship with Helene and David, which Mary Alice and I very much treasure.

In a more singular sense my involvement with the school’s Board of Advisors has given me the opportunity to observe firsthand your extraordinary personal and professional leadership strengths. So many “publics” have truly benefited from the dedication, skills and values you’ve brought to Westmont these past 25 years.

From my perspective you have led the college to such great heights because you executed so beautifully your strongly held beliefs. Namely, a “Top-of-the-Mountain” vision for a young, little-known college that would over time educate the whole student/graduate who would be prepared to go out in the world as faith-driven, well-educated leaders. Recruiting the best and the brightest. Unfailing commitment and energy. A deep and abiding Christian faith. A genuine love of others.

And, yes, David, the formula, plan or call it whatever, worked. You are leaving a great legacy for Stan Gaede and those who will follow you. Congratulations and best wishes for a fulfilling and happy future to Helene and you.

Compassion for Students
by Peter R. MacDougall,
President, Santa Barbara City College

Dr. David Winter is an outstanding human being and college president. Over the past 20 years, it has been a privilege to have David as a friend and professional colleague. There are few individuals who are more respected in the higher education community than David. This respect emanates from his integrity, compassion for students and capability to articulate the essence of what a higher educational institution should provide to its students.

I will miss David very much, but feel most grateful for having had the privilege of knowing and working with him over these many years. My most sincere wish is for David and Helene to have many years of good health and the full and happy life they so very much deserve.

A Fond Friendship
by Stewart Abercrombie

My wife, Katherine, and I have had the most wonderful experience knowing people at Westmont, especially David and Helene Winter. We just love them and think they are two of the most marvelous people. What a wonderful friendship we have developed with them during the past 10-15 years.

Through our involvement with the Westmont Foundation and the wonderful experience of our granddaughter, Lilian Lawrence, who is a Westmont student, we have come to greatly appreciate and respect Westmont. We have also been proud to be very vocal supporters of the college in the Santa Barbara community.

We know that David has done a great deal to make the college what it is today, and we honor him. He will be missed.

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