Official Tributes

Aiming for Excellence in All Things
by the Honorable Lois Capps, Member of Congress

I would like to pay tribute to Dr. David K. Winter, president of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, who will soon retire. Though his impending departure is a great loss, I would like to congratulate David and thank him for 25 years of service and dedication to Westmont College and its surrounding community.

Clearly, David is a man of distinction. But his faithful dedication to education is perhaps his most important contribution. He aimed for excellence in all things, and the college has reached beyond its grasp to accomplish his vision. His plan was anchored in the premise that learning should be a lifelong pursuit. Accordingly, David has led the college under the theory that, in order to best serve its students, a college should arm its students with the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to continue learning long after they leave.

On a personal note, David has been a good friend and someone with whom it has been a pleasure to work closely over my years both as a member of Congress and resident of the community. I look forward to continuing our friendship in the years ahead.

For his lifetime of service to education and commitment to community involvement, I recognize and salute Dr. David K. Winter and thank him for all his efforts on behalf of the entire Central Coast community. I am confident that David will remain a prominent figure in the community as he begins to enter a new phase in his life. We all owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude, and I wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.

Winsome Humility
by Harriet Miller, Santa Barbara Mayor

It has been a delight to work with David Winter over the years on both college-related matters and in service to the community. I greatly admire his values and leadership and honor him for handling himself with integrity and a winsome humility. He has played an integral role in many Santa Barbara agencies, and our community is better for his participation.

Thank you, David, for your effective leadership at Westmont and for your support for the organizations that help make Santa Barbara such a special place. You have been an inspiration to many people, and we honor you for your dedication and service.

A Good Neighbor
by Naomi Schwartz, Santa Barbara County Supervisor

During his tenure as president of Westmont, David Winter has quietly but steadily moved the college forward in becoming increasingly integrated within the larger community.

David has personally served in leadership positions within the Montecito Association and the Montecito Rotary Club. Thanks to his encouragement, the Westmont community regularly sends a delegation to participate in Montecito Beautification Day, and many students perform services for neighborhood families. Realizing the benefits to students from engaging in community activities and making the assets of the college available to non-affiliated community members, President Winter epitomizes the best of town-and-gown relationships. While helping the college achieve greater national recognition for the quality of its educational program, he has sought to make it a valuable resource for all of us.

Thank you, David, for understanding the unique character of Montecito and for guiding Westmont to take its place  within our beautiful community. You have left a valuable legacy of caring about neighbors’ concerns and addressing them with sensitivity and faithfulness.

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