Parent Tribute

By Walter Hansen

Given March 17 at The President’s Associates Reception for the Winters

My two sons are alumni of Westmont College: Jonathan graduated in 1996, and Nathaniel in 1997. I asked them to talk about David Winter so I could share their thoughts with you.

Jonathan writes: “I still remember Dr. Winter’s talk ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.’ I appreciated his words about how our education ought to serve us in leading a life for the good of others and society, not just for our self-aggrandizement. He modeled well what he talked about. I also enjoyed working with the Winters while I was building a desk in their home. They were always very encouraging of my work as a furniture maker.”

Nathaniel says: “I remember Dr. Winter’s talk about establishing a mission statement for your life.” This is something he has decided to do.

My sons remembered David’s words for two reasons: (1) because they are working to implement what he said and (2) because they saw that David was working to implement it.

David’s mission statement is to build a Christian liberal arts college of the highest quality.

At a recent colloquium on the liberal arts at Westmont, Eva Brann from St. John’s College said, “The goal of the liberal arts is thoughtfulness.”

A thoughtful person is characterized by carefully reasoned thinking and a thoughtful person is marked by consideration for others.

David not only sets this goal of thoughtfulness, but he also models it very well.

William Wordsworth said, “What we have loved, others will love; and we will teach them how.”

We all love David and Helene because they have taught us how to love God and others by the way they love.

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