Tribute to David K. Winter

By Martha Hammer, President, ICSC

During David Winter’s 25 years as president of Westmont College, he has served as a member of the board of directors of the Independent Colleges of Southern California. With characteristic generosity, David graciously has accepted every call for leadership. Over the years, he has served as president, campaign head, secretary of the board, vice president, and in recent years, vice chair of the board. In this latter role, while always a loyal champion of Westmont College, he has also been a constant, lucid, and persuasive voice on behalf of our group effort and for the private sector of higher education. He has served with honor, inspiring the respect of his peers and colleagues through his deeds and words.

More personally, David has become a treasured friend. His brilliant counsel, always grounded in common sense and ethics, has been invaluable. He makes everyone around him want to do and be their best. His chair may be filled, but his place in our hearts never will be.

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