Wallace Emerson Society

David and Helene Winter have given their hearts to Westmont throughout the years. During his long tenure as president, David has involved himself enthusiastically in every aspect of college life. Helene has been at his side, providing gracious hospitality and loving support to all members of the community. Their profound commitment to the college includes making a provision for Westmont in their estate plan and becoming members of the Wallace Emerson Society. “What really matters is not just support for one particular year or program, but enough confidence to make a planned gift and ensure the long-term success of the college,” David says. “I would not feel right asking people for that kind of commitment without making it myself.” Helene adds, “We have great confidence in Westmont‘s future because we know it inside and out and have so much respect for the faculty, staff, students, and trustees. We are honored to take our place among so many wonderful people and friends who support Westmont.”

For more information about the Wallace Emerson Society, call Iva Schatz, Director of Planned Giving, (805) 565-6034 or (800) 998-5652.

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