Wallace Emerson Society

Paul and doris wilt have a 45-year history with Westmont. After a long career teaching history (1958-1994), Paul retired and became the college archivist. By organizing the archives, conducting oral-history interviews and doing research, he has documented the lives of the college’s early leaders and the construction of campus buildings. His most recent project is a biography of Elbert McCreery, a founder, professor and administrator who expected Westmont faculty to combine “outstanding scholastic achievement” with “simple and sincere faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Paul embraces this vision and has committed his life to Christian liberal arts education. As a result, he and Doris have made a provision for the college in their living trust. “Westmont tremendously enlarged my understanding of the Christian world,” he says. “It also gave me an appreciation for high culture.” The Wilts grew up in Pennsylvania and met at Lancaster Bible College, where Paul then taught for four years. Later, while he earned a master’s degree at the University of Delaware and a doctorate at American University, he served as a pastor in Hanover, Penn.

For more information about the Wallace Emerson Society, call Iva Schatz, Director of Planned Giving, (805) 565-6034 or (800) 998-5652.

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