Alumni Giving on the Rise?

If alumni continue to give at their present rate, they could set a new record for participation in the 2004 fiscal year.

Doubling the alumni giving rate from 18 to 36 percent in the last five years has started a great trend at Westmont. How much higher can alumni go? Many of the top liberal arts colleges in the country have giving rates of 50 percent and more.

This spring, alumni have an opportunity to respond to this challenge during the college’s annual phonathon. Students will call alumni through June when the fiscal year ends. Not only do students ask for gifts, but they answer questions about the college and take prayer requests as well.

How the Westmont Fund Helps

• Attracts and educates a diverse, highly qualified student body by providing scholarships that recognize both merit and need
• Recruits and retains the finest faculty by providing appropriate compensation and resources for research and special programs
• Houses students in a residential learning environment so they can grow spiritually and personally as well as intellectually
• Ensures the technology and facilities that allow Westmont to offer an exceptional college experience by investing in state-of-the-art equipment in labs, classrooms and elsewhere on campus

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