Scholarship Named for Art Student

The college has established an endowed scholarship fund for art students in memory of Wesley Nishimura.

The Westmont community suffered a great loss in November 2003 with the death of Wesley Nishimura, an art student and the son of chemistry Professor Allan Nishimura and his wife, Amy. To honor Wes’s memory and passion for the arts, the college and his family and friends have created the Wes Nishimura Memorial Art Student Scholarship. When it is fully funded, the award will assist art students who have financial need.

“Wes reflected a kind and humble creative spirit,” says art Professor Tony Askew. “He was a gifted student who reflected humor and sensitivity in his knowing smile. His recent work in the printmaking class demonstrated technical expertise and a searching, thoughtful content. We will miss his passion and kind presence.”

Wes, who was a junior, described his love of art by writing, “When I am making art I feel like I belong, like I was born to create. To me, the creative process brings me back to the basic elements of what it feels like to be human.”

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