Faculty Footnotes

Scott Anderson (art) won The Arts Fund 2008 Individual Artist Award (IAA) for print design for the second year in a row. He and other winners participate in a group exhibition March 13 through April 24 at The Arts Fund Gallery in Santa Barbara.

Mary Docter (Spanish) authored the article, “Enriched by Otherness: The Transformational Journey of Cabeza de Vaca,” published in Christianity and Literature (Autumn 2008).

Deborah Dunn (communication studies) explored the challenges of working in a sectarian society in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the Phi Kappa Phi Paul C. Wilt Address in February, “Good Work in a Sectarian Society: Articulating Experience and Virtue.” Dunn has spent the last eight years researching organizational communication and grass-roots peacemaking efforts in Northern Ireland.

Patti Hunter (mathematics), Warren Rogers (physics/interim academic dean) and Jim Taylor (philosophy) discussed Walter Isaacson’s best-selling book, “Einstein: His Life and Universe,” as part of Westmont Downtown: Conversations about Things that Matter in January. This event was tied to the President’s Breakfast, where Isaacson was the guest speaker in February.

Judy Larson (art) lectured on “The Role of an Art Museum in a Christian Liberal Arts Education” at Biola University as part of a symposium, Practicing Theology: Art and Culture-Making in Contemporary Christianity.

Tremper Longman, III (Robert Gundry professor of biblical studies) co-authored with T. McComiskey “Amos” and “Micah,” in “The Expositor’s Bible Commentary” (Revised Edition; Zondervan, 2008) and was co-editor and contributor to the “New Living Translation Study Bible” (2008). French and Spanish translations of “Introduction to the Old Testament” by Longman and Raymond B. Dillard have been published. In addition, Longman presented a paper, “Critique of B. Waltke, Old Testament Theology,” with Walter Brueggermann and Dennis Tucker at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting in Boston in November. He also gave a paper, “Narrative Impulses in the Interpretation of Proverbs and Songs of Songs: A Reappraisal,” with Bruce Waltke, Dan Estes and Ted Hildebrant as respondents at the Evangelical Theological Society Convention in November. Longman is teaching a course at the University of Beijing on “Historical Books and the Prophets.”

Joyce Luy (dean of admission) chairs the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities Chief Enrollment Officers Commission. Concurrent with this two-year term, she will work on a task force for CCCU performing market research. Last fall, Luy co-presented a live webcast for Private Colleges and Universities,“Why Choose an Independent College.” She was also a guest on L.A. Talk Radio to discuss Westmont and Christian colleges.

Susan Penksa (political science) spent two weeks in Brussels in September 2008 speaking at the European Parliament and participating in the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union’s seminar on security sector reform. An international and European security specialist, she has an extensive consulting practice with government and international organizations.

Helen Rhee (religious studies) was invited to speak at the International Ecumenical Symposium on Martyrdom, A Cloud of Witnesses, at the Monastery of Bose, Italy, organized by the World Council of Churches, Faith and Order Commission. Rhee presented a paper, “Experiences and Theology of Martyrdom in a Korean Context,” as part of regional case studies of martyrdom, Oct. 29-Nov. 2. She also presented a paper, “Text and Material Culture: Constructing and Understanding Wealth and Poverty in the Second and Third Century Christianity,” at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in Boston in November. Additionally, Rhee preached a sermon, “Thanksgiving in the Ashes,” at Hana Church on Thanksgiving Day.

Sue Savage (art) was featured in the article, “Common Objects: Sue Savage, Painter” in the September 2008 issue of Comment Magazine. The article is the third in a series on under-appreciated artists and was a special feature in that issue. Comment Magazine is published by the Work Research Foundation, a Canadian company whose mission is to “influence people to a Christian view of work in public life.” Two recent paintings were published in Seasons of the Spirit, which helps children and adults become more educated in the Christian faith and uses artwork that relates to each season to accompany biblical stories. Savage also had her image, “Seven Times Seven, “included in a CD entitled Images of Faith. The CD contains 100 images from contemporary artists produced by CIVA (Christians in Visual Arts). These images are projected and used by various organizations for the purpose of teaching, preaching, devotional services, etc. Another recent painting, “Full Measure,” was selected for an exhibition at the New York Center for Art and Media Studies in November 2008 in conjunction with the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities conference Educating Artists of Faith in the 21st Century.

Jeff Schloss (biology) has been awarded a Crosson Fellowship to be a senior scholar in residence at the Center for Religion at the University of Notre Dame. His book, “The Believing Primate? Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Perspectives on the Nature of Religion” (edited with philosopher Michael Murray) has been published by Oxford University Press. Schloss also delivered a Veritas Lecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and gave invited presentations on various aspects of biology and faith at Peking University, University of Edinburgh, Heidelberg University, University of Michigan and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Jim Taylor (philosophy) participated last summer in the C.S. Lewis Foundation Oxbridge Summer Institute, where he directed the Philosophy Symposium and gave a paper, “Physicalism, Dualism, Death, and Resurrection.” Last fall he gave the same paper at the Pacific Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers at UC Riverside.

David Vander Laan (philosophy) has contributed an article, “A Relevance Constraint on Composition” to the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Erlyne Whiteman (theater) participated in the Erik Hawkins Dance Intensive in January and performed two duets along with a solo she had in a larger group piece with The Motion Theatre Dance Company of Santa Barbara, where she is also a member.

Paul ­­­Willis (English) participated in a poetry reading with local writer Diana Raab at the Fe Bland Auditorium at Santa Barbara City College in February.

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