Kammerer Court Celebrates Former Coach

westmont names newly renovated basketball court for hall of fame coach chet kammerer

Chet Kammerer

Chet Kammerer

In December, Westmont honored former men’s basketball coach Chet Kammerer by naming the hardwood court in the renovated Murchison Gymnasium for him. Kammerer coached the Warriors for 17 seasons from 1975 to 1992 amassing a record of 357-158 (.693).

At a pre-game ceremony, Westmont President Gayle D. Beebe presented a plaque to Kammerer that commemorates his contributions to the men’s basketball program and contains a portion of the old gym floor.
Former President David K. Winter extolled Kammerer’s legacy, as did Randy Pfund, who began his career as an assistant coach under Kammerer. Pfund served as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers from 1992 to 1994 and most recently worked as general manager for the Miami Heat.

Kammerer left Westmont in 1992 to take an assistant coaching position with the Lakers before moving on to the Miami Heat were he serves as the vice president of player personnel.
Following the dedication, the men’s basketball team hosted NCAA Division II CSU San Bernardino, with the Warriors winning by a score of 63-61.

During his time on campus, Kammerer spoke to the Warrior team about his experience as a student athlete at Grace College. At a reception before the ceremony, Ron Mulder — a former basketball coach and athletic director — presided over a question-and-answer session between Kammerer and former players and friends.

“It was typical of Chet to give credit to janitors and jump shooters, staff members and statisticians, managers and motivated men in maroon, faculty and former assistants, and a president and a precious partner in parenting in his remarks,” says John Moore, who played under Kammerer and has coached the Warriors since 1993.

“Chet spoke about how much better things can be when they are shared,” Moore says. “That’s what he did in marriage, parenting, creating a team and putting together an athletic department.”

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