Faculty Footnotes

Karen Andrews (urban studies), Cheri Larsen Hoeckley (English) and Caryn Reeder (religious studies) presented papers at the Conference on Christianity and Literature at George Fox University. The theme was “Speaking Truth to Power: The Literature of Assent and Dissent.” Andrews discussed “Child Slavery in Toni Morrison’s Fiction: A Prophetic Witness for Modern-Day Abolitionists.” Hoeckley spoke on “Prelude to Speaking Truth: George Eliot and Gender Dynamics in Middlemarch,” exploring Eliot’s interest in St. Theresa and the influence of Anna Jameson, a historian of Christian art, on Eliot’s understanding of St. Theresa. The paper is part of an ongoing work on Victorian women writers and the imaginative draw of Catholicism. Reeder addressed “Reinventing Eden: Aemilia Lanyer and the Interpretation of Genesis 1-3.”

Kathryn Stelmach Artuso (English) was invited to speak at a symposium on Irish-American studies sponsored by the Watson-Brown Foundation in Thomson, Ga., last fall. She discussed transatlantic intersections between Irish literature and the literature of the American South.

A Westmont Masterworks concert presented the world premiere of “Resurrection Oratorio” by Steve Butler (music) in April, featuring the Westmont Orchestra, the College Choir and soloists, including Grey Brothers (music). Michael Shasberger, Adams professor of music and worship, directed the performance. The 80-minute work is a complete setting of the 11 eyewitness accounts of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the four gospels. The piece is organized in 12 movements.

Jesse Covington (political science) and Rick Pointer (history) spoke on “Lincoln’s Legacy: Race, Liberty and the Rule of Law” in Santa Barbara in May as part of the Santa Barbara County Bar Foundation’s Law Week.

Deborah Dunn (communication studies) wrote two entries for a new reference work, Encyclopedia of Communication Theory: “Karl Weick’s Theory of Organizing” and “Accounts and Account Giving.” An article she co-authored with John Seiter, “Introducing Students to Karl Weick’s Principles of Organizational Communication,” has been accepted for publication.

Kim P. Kihlstrom (computer science) presented a paper, “Fire! Lessons Learned and Applied to Computer Systems,” at the 17th Biennial Conference of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences at Wheaton College in May, where she also participated in a panel on ethical issues in computer gaming. She served on the organizing committee for the Southwestern Regional Conference of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges in April and sits on their national board. Over the summer she has two students working with her on research in distributed systems, Robin Elliott ’10 and Kelsey Marshman ’11.

Judy L. Larson, R.Anthony Askew professor of art and director of Reynolds Gallery, described her plans for the new art museum in “Art Around the World: A Global Approach to the Visual Arts” in Santa Barbara in April as part of the Westmont Downtown Lecture series.

Tremper Longman III, Robert Gundry professor of biblical studies, edited and contributed to “Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry and Writings,” which received an Award of Merit from Christianity Today and a Gold Medallion in the Bible and Reference Category from the Evangelical Publishing Association. He presented two papers, “Challenging the Idols of the 21st Century: The Message of the Book of Ecclesiastes” and “Becoming Disciples of Woman Wisdom: The Theology of the Book of Proverbs,” at the Janzen Lectureship in Biblical Studies at Fresno Pacific University in March. He gave keynote lectures, “The Rewards of Embracing Woman Wisdom” and “The Limits of Wisdom,” at the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference at Cincinnati Christian University in March.

Allan Nishimura (chemistry) contributed “Steric Effect of Methyl, Methoxy, and Ethyl Substituents on the Excimer Formation of Naphthalene on Al2O3(0001),” to Surface Science. He had three articles published in The Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry: “Formation of Naphthalene-Dichloronaphthalene Exciplexes on Al2O3 (0001),” “Thermally Induced Surface Dynamics of Dichloronaphthalene Excimers on Al2O3(0001),” and “Formation of Methoxynaphthalene-Naphthalene Exciplex on Al2O3(0001).” Students Chrissy Binkley ’10, Melissa Gross ’09, Wendy Hale ’09, Taylor Judkins ’10 and Roberto Valladares ’08 conducted the research.

Susan Penksa (political science) co-authored an article with Cornelius Friesendorf, “Militarized Law Enforcement in Peace Operations: EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” in the November 2008 issue of International Peacekeeping. The newly established Transatlantic Studies Organization of Miami University (Ohio) invited her to deliver the inau-gural lecture in April, and she spoke on “Transatlantic Security in the Obama Era: New Initiatives and Old Debates.” She also taught an intense seminar, “The New Architecture of European Security and the Lessons from Recent EU Operations.”

Elena Yee (intercultural programs) participated in the Student Congress on Racial Reconciliation at Biola University in February with Westmont professors Caryn Reeder (religious studies) and Omedi Ochieng (communication studies) in a panel discussion about “Race, Gender, Faith and Politics in the 2008 Election.” In March, she presented a poster with Lesa Stern (communication studies) on “Increasing Faculty-Student Affairs Collaboration: Workable Options” for Christians on Diversity in the Academy at Azusa Pacific University.

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