Student Seeks Sustainable Stewardship

Outreach on Campus, Connections to Environmental Groups and a Semester Abroad Help a Westmont Student Learn Sustainability

Anthony WaldropAnthony Waldrop ’11 reflects his love for God through his stewardship of the environment, and he is passionate about caring for creation. Professor Jeff Schloss describes him as “one of the most engaged, active earth stewards we’ve ever had on campus.”

A biology major from Bakersfield, Calif., Anthony is spending a semester studying in Costa Rica. He received a Goble Fellowship Scholarship to participate in the program and learn more about environmentalism.

Family outings during his childhood exposed him to many inspiring examples of nature. “Being able to experience the majestic sequoia trees and vast expanses of wilderness instilled in me a desire to see these places preserved for all generations,” he says. “I think some of our strongest emotions surface when we experience God’s power in creation. Hence, it is imperative that we figure out how to live sustainably.”

During his first year on campus, Anthony joined the Westmont Earth Ministry, devoted to encouraging students to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. By the following semester, he had become a leader of A Rocha, which fosters a Biblical view of environmental stewardship through education and service.

In fall 2008, Anthony traveled to a summit at Eastern University held by Renewal, a Christian creation care network for students, which trained him to better engage the campus in discussions about environmental issues. “Westmont has allowed me to connect with many organizations around the country, helping me foster my leadership in this area,” he says.

A Rocha Westmont has established the Westmont Community Garden, promoted sustainable activities, helped restore local habitats, and popularized a recycling video game for students.

Anthony seeks a career that will allow him to foster healthy relationships between people and the rest of creation. “I want to help humans better integrate with nature so we can see how connected we are with all of God’s creation,” he says. “I am leaning toward working as a native plants landscaper, helping people design yards that are not only beautiful, but provide habitats for naturally occurring organisms in the area.”

Anthony says Westmont’s philosophy of being good stewards of all God has given us has supported his development as a leader in protecting the environment.

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