Faculty Footnotes

Lisa DeBoer (art) is nearing the end of her three-year term on the national board for the Lilly Fellows Program in the Humanities and Arts. During this time, two Westmont graduates accepted Lilly Graduate Fellowships, the college received a mentoring grant and Mitchell Thomas (theater) won the Meyer Prize.

Ron Enroth (sociology) will present a paper, “Something Old, Something New: A Comparative Analysis of 19th Century Utopian Groups with Contemporary New Religious Movements,” in July at the annual conference of the International Cultic Studies Association in New Jersey.

Michelle Hughes (education) and Andrew Mullen (education) traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica, in May to Westmont’s partner school, Lincoln International School, to supervise five Westmont student teachers gaining experience in teaching a diverse student population in elementary and secondary schools.

Cheri Larsen Hoeckley (English) wrote a chapter that will be included in the multi-volume series “The Great Shakespeareans,” edited by Adrian Poole and Peter Holland for Continuum Publishing. Her piece focuses on Anna Murphy Jameson and will appear in a volume on female critics in the 19th century.

Chris Milner (kinesiology) taught the class “Physical, Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging” spring semester. Her students took what they learned and conducted two free workshops for local older adults. The first workshop was an afternoon of wellness lectures for Laguna Cottages, a low-income senior living environment in Santa Barbara. The second was a seminar given at Santa Barbara Community Church. Some of the topics included: nutrition, memory, social connections, balance training, stress reduction strategies and physical fitness. The culminating activity was a visit to campus by the residents of Laguna Cottages. They ate a meal in the Westmont Dining Commons and heard a presentation on nutrition.

David Newton (economics and business) was again the keynote speaker and program moderator for the Third Annual Rotary Ethics Symposium sponsored by the Montecito Rotary Club at Montecito Country Club in April. More than 50 students from five local high schools attended. Newton works closely with his former student Jamie DeVries ’95, who has taught AP-Economics at San Marcos High School for 10 years. During the six-hour symposium, Newton focuses on core tenets of relative versus absolute values and the praxis of ethics applied to a wide range of business cases. Various video anecdotes from the 1985 film “Wall Street” illustrate the talk.

Ray Paloutzian (scholar in residence and professor emeritus of psychology) has written an article, “Psychology in Religion,” published in “The New Westminster Dictionary of Christian Theology” (Westminster John Knox Press).

Steven Rogers (psychology) co-wrote a chapter, “Neuropsychology,” with Deborah A. Lowe, which will be included in the four-volume Encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions.

Greg Spencer (communication studies) has written a book, “Awakening the Quieter Virtues,” due out Aug. 1 from InterVarsity Press.

Jim Taylor (philosophy) gave a paper, “The New Atheism and Models of God: The Case of Richard Dawkins,” at the Midwest Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers at Calvin College in April. The theme of the conference was “Thinking in Public: Christian Philosophers as Public Intellectuals.”

David Vander Laan (philosophy) was invited to respond to a paper at the Alvin Plantinga Retirement Celebration in June.

Randy VanderMey (English) delivered a paper, “Ethical Reading and the Alignment of Horizons,” at Prospectus 2010, an undergraduate research conference in English literature and creative writing at Biola University in May. This past spring he served on Biola University’s English department’s five-year self-study, which involved examining their five-year self-study report, interviewing faculty, students and administrators, and writing a detailed report for the department, the college and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the accrediting agency. In June, he and Patti Hunter (mathematics) attended the Council of Independent Colleges Department Chair Conference in San Francisco, where he served as a discussion coordinator at breakfast.

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