Faculty Footnotes

Mary Docter (modern languages) and Laura Montgomery (sociology and anthropology) presented a paper, “Maximizing the Latin American Study Abroad Experience” at the Southwest Council of Latin American Studies annual meeting in Puerto Rico in March.

Chris Ecklund (kinesiology) has a new column,“Functional Fitness,” in the Santa Barbara Independent.

Tom Fikes (psychology and neuroscience) discussed “Brains, Persons and Relationality: The New Social Neuroscience” for the Westmont Downtown Lecture Series in April.

Maury Hayashida (kinesiology) presented his proprietary Biomechanical Scan (BMS), an athletic injury prediction and prevention tool at the USA Rugby Sports Medicine Symposium in Las Vegas in February, an annual meeting of international sports medicine professionals.

Cheri Larsen Hoeckley (English) is moderating a panel on reading and masculinities in Jane Austen and George Eliot and presenting a paper, “Journeys through Bachelorhood in Marriage-Plot Novels,” at the Conference on Christianity and Literature in Costa Mesa, Calif., in April.

Christian Hoeckley, director of the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts, hosted the 10th Conversation on the Liberal Arts, “The Fine Art of the Liberal Arts,” in February, which featured a number of younger alumni in artistic roles. He also participated in a panel discussion for the Westmont Downtown Lecture Series, “Condoleezza Rice and the Direction of American Foreign Policy.” He talked about the ethics of war in a Phi Kappa Phi lecture, “Peace that Passes Understanding: Four Paths to Opposing War,” in March.

Beth Horvath (biology) finished the description of a new species of gorgonian coral from Californian and Mexican waters to be published in Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. She has named this new form Leptogorgia filicrispa Horvath, 2011. She is finishing a monograph, “Gorgonian Corals from the California Bight, and Adjacent Coastlines, with Emphasis on the Species in the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Collection.” During her spring sabbatical she taught the marine ecology component for CCSP-New Zealand and Samoa Semester Program and worked on the collection of gorgonians at New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

Russ Howell (mathematics, above right) wrote an article in 2006 for the Christian Scholar’s Review, “Does Mathematical Beauty Pose Problems for Naturalism?” that’s been selected as one of the best 25 articles ever published in the journal. It will appear in a book celebrating CSR’s 40th anniversary.

Tom Knecht (political science) has published a book, “Paying Attention to Foreign Affairs: How Public Opinion Affects Presidential Decision Making” (Penn State University Press, 2010). He participated in a panel discussion, “Condoleezza Rice and the Direction of American Foreign Policy,” for the Westmont Downtown Lecture Series in March.

Laura Montgomery (sociology and anthropology) presented “Learning to Listen, Learning to See, Learning to Know: The Anthropological Perspective and the Development of World Christians” at the Ivan J. Fahs Memorial Symposium at Wheaton College in October. She also gave a chapel talk at Wheaton, “A Mark of a Global Christian: Serving in Love with Knowledge.”

David Newton (economics and business) discussed “Job Creation” for Anacapa School’s Eighth Annual Synthesis Week on the U.S. Economy in February and also for Young America’s Foundation’s 12th Annual High School Conservatives Conference in Santa Barbara in March. He spoke on “Financing New Ventures” for a six-part lecture series for MBA students at Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School in January and February. He continues to write guest commentaries on the economy for the Sunday business section of the Santa Barbara News-Press. He spoke on “Job Creation and the Lack of Sustained Economic Recovery” at numerous venues in March and April: the 16th Annual Restoration Weekend West Coast in Los Angeles in April; the London School of Economics in March; Long Beach City College at an event sponsored by four Chambers of Commerce in the Los Angeles area; Pepperdine Law School; and the Westmont Alumni Chapter in Portland, Ore. In March, he gave the Sunday sermon at Calvary Chapel Docklands, Canary Wharf, in London. In January he spoke at the 33rd Growth Capital Conference in Los Angeles on “Technology Innovations and Radical Change in the Textbook Industry.”

Gregory Orfalea (English) is traveling and doing research for a biography of Junipero Serra, the founder of California, to be published by Scribner. He will teach fiction writing in July at the University of Minnesota’s summer school in Duluth.

Steve Rogers
(psychology) published a chapter, “Evil in the Shadow: What Carl Jung Can Teach Us About Evil,” in the third volume of a series, “Explaining Evil: Approaches, Responses, Solutions.” He co-wrote a paper with an alumnus, “Estimating Premorbid Intelligence Among Older Adults: The Utility of the AMNART,” published in the Journal of Aging Research. He made six presentations with three students at the International Neuropsychology Society convention in February about their research in aging, addressing questions such as: does a change in spirituality impact cognitive functioning?; what is the impact of anxiety on frontal-executive functioning?; does level of extroversion impact memory performance?

Jim Taylor (philosophy) has published an article, “The Lewis-Anscombe Debate: A Philosophical Reformulation,” in the C.S. Lewis Journal.

Carolyn A. Weber (English) published her memoir, “Surprised by Oxford” (Thomas Nelson, 2011), about becoming a Christian while studying at Oxford University.

Curt Whiteman (religious studies) has become faculty adviser to student-athletes, a new position created by the Offices of the Provost and Athletic Director. He will continue his normal faculty responsibilities while providing academic assistance to any student-athlete referred by a coach.

Jane Wilson (education and liberal studies, above) published a chapter, “Motivational Motor: Crafting Classroom Situation to Propel Students’ Intrinsic Motivation to Learn” in an eBook, “Cross Examination of the Core: An Interdisciplinary Focus on Authentic Learning” (Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar, Eds., Antonian Publishing, Santa Barbara, 2010).

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