Westmont Fund: Dean LaBarba ’13

The Westmont Fund is all about the students.

At the age of 5, Dean LaBarba ’13 sensed God calling him to be a neurosurgeon. He has faithfully followed this leading, choosing the pre-med track at Westmont and majoring in both biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology. This summer, he shadowed a neurosurgeon at UCLA before traveling to India with religious studies professor Charles Farhadian. Dean relished the month-long Mayterm class and cross-cultural experience, learning about Hinduism, missions and social action. Like all the students, he participated in two service projects, spending time with orphans and mentally and physically disabled children. “They made a big impact on me,” Dean says. “They broke my heart and opened it to the serious needs in the world, helping me develop compassion.” Dean may take a year off between college and medical school to serve in a clinic in India. Giving back appeals to him; he’s grateful for the scholarships he receives. Raised by a single father battling cancer, he couldn’t attend Westmont without assistance. He earned the college’s top merit award and won the prestigious William R. Goldfarb Memorial Scholarship from the American Radio Relay League, thanks to his work with ham radios. “Jesus provided these blessings,” he says. “I’ve grown so much at Westmont: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and in my relationships.”

Your gifts to the Westmont Fund give scholars like Dean the opportunity to make a positive impact in our world for God’s Kingdom. Go to www.westmont.edu/giving to donate and meet other students. Read more at westmontimpact.org.

The Westmont Fund: Expanding the ministry of Westmont

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