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Filipp Kozachuk '14

Filipp Kozachuk ’14 grew up in Santa Barbara speaking Russian fluently—he left his native Ukraine with his family after the Soviet Union dissolved. Knowing no English and bringing little with them, his parents sought the religious freedom and college education denied to them back home. They’ve sacrificed so Fil and Jessica ’16 can attend a Christian college that integrates faith and learning. Fil’s grandfather, a Russian Baptist pastor, spent three years in prison for preaching in an underground church, and he rejoices in their enrollment at Westmont. A generous financial aid package with a merit award and a music scholarship helped Fil afford college. He pursues his love of music by singing in the Westmont Choir and playing the piano in the chapel band and the Spring Sing band. His major in economics and business helps prepare him for the professional world. “It’s a way of studying and thinking that opens a lot of doors,” he says.“I like the broad spectrum and flexibility of possible careers—and I have an entrepreneurial mind.” In a class this fall, he’s developing a business plan for a product that uses wireless technology to back up photos from a digital camera. He works as a student photographer and videographer at Westmont and created a video of Potter’s Clay after participating last year. During the summer, he served as an intern at Arlington Financial Advisories, and he intends to earn an MBA. “I appreciate the diverse community at Westmont,” he says. “I have intelligent discussions, and sometimes we agree to disagree—I like being friends with people from a variety of backgrounds.”

Your gifts to the Westmont Fund give scholars like Fil the opportunity to make a positive impact in our world for God’s Kingdom. Go to to donate and meet other students. Read more at

The Westmont Fund: Expanding the ministry of Westmont

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