Published: Fall 2012 in College News

A Classic Way to Support Alex Moore’s Family

The Westmont women’s basketball team faces a challenge this year: defending their Golden State Athletic Conference Championship and returning to the NAIA National Tournament. Coach Kirsten Moore confronts a challenge of her own: raising her daughter, Alexis, by herself after her husband, Alex, died of Crohn’s disease in May.

Friends of Alex, Kirsten and Alexis Moore and Westmont have organized the Alex Moore Classic Jan. 12, 2013. Proceeds from ticket sales for the game between the Warriors and San Diego Christian will benefit Kirsten and Alexis and Crohn’s research. The festive evening includes events that honor the remarkable life of Alex Moore, who taught kinesiology at Westmont.

“Alex loved generously and cared deeply about others, especially his family,” says John Schuck, who leads the Friends of Alex, Kirsten and Alexis Moore. “His untimely death, occurring just seven weeks before the birth of Alexis, has left Kirsten with deep sorrow and a financial burden as a single parent. We want to provide welcome resources for Alex’s precious family.”

The Westmont College Pep Band and College Choir will perform, and fans will enjoy special concessions and pre-game activities. For more information and to watch the game online, see

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