Published: Fall 2012 in College News

Finding Your Way Around Westmont Just Got Easier

Visitors to Westmont will no longer wander along winding paths searching for their destination. Extensive new signage provides precise directions throughout the campus. Sized so they won’t be missed, signs identify buildings and assign each parking lot a number. Giving people directions about where to park and how to navigate campus has become much easier.

“The uniform signage ties the campus together so visitors know they’re at Westmont,” says Randy Jones, director of campus planning. He oversaw the project, which took several years to develop and implement. Davies Associates, a firm that specializes in architectural signs, did the design work. They also created interior signs for the college’s new buildings, including Winter Hall for Science and Mathematics and Adams Center for the Visual Arts.

“The campus isn’t built on a grid, so getting around can be challenging for visitors,” Jones says. “Like our new facilities, the signs blend into the surrounding landscape and feature natural colors. Three different kinds direct visitors around campus: vehicular signs, building signs and pathway signs. From the car, you can easily see where you need to go, and once you park, signs will guide you to your destination.”

Sign Group/Karman, which fabricated the signs, spent about a month installing them. Visitors to campus kept asking crew members for directions around campus, demonstrating the need for better signage.

“People appreciate the subtle look of the new signs,” Jones says. “They’re classy and not garish, and they fit well into our natural environment.”

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