Published: Fall 2016 in College News

Global Leadership Center Opens in Fall 2017


The new facility includes two residential buildings and a multipurpose leadership center. 

With construction well underway, the new Global Leadership Center opens to student residents in fall 2017. Westmont broke ground for the facility, which celebrates the college’s global
emphasis, on May 5, 2016. Strength for Today, a five-year capital campaign, raised funds for the buildings and five programmatic initiatives: the Mosher Center for Moral and Ethical
Leadership, the Eaton Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Hughes Center for Neuroscience and Leadership, the Goble Center for Global Learning; and the Montecito Institute for Executive Education.

Located east of Van Kampen Hall, the facility includes two residential buildings and the Leadership Center. During the school year, 140 juniors and seniors—including Augustinian Scholars, student leaders and those who have studied abroad—will live together and develop relationships with each other. The design will appeal to students ready to be more independent. Each room houses two students, has its own bathroom, and opens to an outside walkway. Residents can prepare their meals in a central kitchen located on every floor if they choose. Flexible layouts in the Leadership Center will accommodate a variety of activities throughout the year, including lectures, banquets, receptions and conferences. Amenities include a coffee
shop, lounges and laundry facilities. During the summer, executives attending conferences will stay in the rooms, which will house one participant.


Mosher Center for Moral and Ethical Leadership
• Lead gift by the Mosher Foundation led by Ed and Sue Birch
• Sponsors national conversations on the critical significance of moral and ethical leadership
• Provides regional executive education
• Supports undergraduate leadership development

Hughes Center for Neuroscience and Leadership
• Lead gift by Linda and Bill Hughes
• Applies cutting-edge technologies in applied neuroscience to leadership studies
• Explores emotional intelligence to better equip leaders to make good judgments
• Nurtures empathy, human rapport and complex executive functioning

Eaton Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• Lead gift by David and Carol Eaton
• Teaches capital entrepreneurship and new business start-ups
• Promotes social entrepreneurship to harness innovative solutions to solve enduring social problems

Goble Center for Global Learning
• Lead gift by Westmont alums Roy and D’Aun Goble
• Encourages all students to study abroad
• Offers a unique approach to global education: the Cycle of Global Learning
• Develops intercultural competencies

Montecito Institute for Executive Education
• Trains mid-level and senior executives and their teams
• Hosts summer conferences and seminars
• Promotes biblically-based, values-driven leadership

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