Published: Fall 2016 in College News

Significant Scholarships Support Students

The Augustinian scholarship and honors program and the Michaelhouse scholarships both provide four-year awards. 

Two new scholarships provide significant support to incoming Westmont students
each year. The Augustinian Scholarship and Honors Program, funded by a generous,
anonymous donor, provides at least $35,000 annually ($140,000 total for four years) to 30 incoming first-year students. These scholars also participate in the Augustinian Honors Program.

The first class of Augustinians arrived in fall 2016. Westmont invites the top recipients of the President’s Scholarship (they must apply by November 15) to a weekend event so faculty and staff members can evaluate them. Finalists receive their awards in February.

Two key qualities make Augustinian Scholars exceptional: intellectual curiosity and openness to God’s work in their lives. They challenge themselves with rigorous training in every area of human knowledge so they can lead and serve in every sphere of society. In the fifth century, Augustine made the finest defense ever for the enduring presence of thoughtful Christians in society, and Westmont seeks to educate a new generation of Augustinians.

The Augustinian Honors Program blends an engaging seminar with hands on activities as scholars begin to discover their calling in life. Westmont’s caring Christian community encourages their discussions, reflections and actions as they develop into thoughtful, well informed Christians equipped to make a winsome defense of their faith. Leadership training and study abroad enhance their education.

The new Michaelhouse Scholarship provides full-ride awards each year to two black South African students to attend Westmont. The first two graduates from Michaelhouse, a Christian boarding school for boys in KwaZulu-Natal, arrived for the spring 2017 semester. Two
additional Michaelhouse students will enroll each year. A related program will offer full scholarships to graduate school in South Africa for each Michaelhouse Scholar who graduates from Westmont.

An anonymous donor funded the scholarship program, which will create a cohort of eight South Africans on campus. Attending school with members of their own community will help
these students succeed and thrive in college and graduate school.

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