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An Achievement for the Archives

Published: Winter 2008
An Achievement for the Archives

The best photograph of Ruth Kerr in the Westmont archives was preserved accidentally. Archivist Corey Thomas ’97 enjoys telling the story. Custodian Maria Ortega found the print in the trash in Clark A when she opened a bag to... Read More

Establishing Christian Education in California

Published: Fall 2007

Homeschooled on her family’s farm until the eighth grade, Mabel Culter became a teacher and principal who established her own academy. Raised on the plains of Kansas and Colorado, she spent most of her life serving schools in suburban... Read More

This Old House, Fall 1995

The Chronicle of Kerrwood Hall This Old House pdf file Read More

The Story Behind the Liberal Arts at Westmont

Published: Summer 2007

The genesis of the liberal arts at Westmont is a singular story, because the founders of “proto-Westmont” had in mind something quite different. In 1937, President Leland Entrekin opened the doors of the Bible-Missionary Institute, committed to education in... Read More

A Pioneer Professor

Published: Spring 2007

Westmont began as the Bible Missionary Institute in 1937, so it’s not surprising the school recruited a solid Bible faculty. When the curriculum changed to a liberal arts college three years later, the professors stayed on. Wallace Emerson, the... Read More

Putting Liberal Arts in the Equation

Published: Winter 2007

F=Ma: Force equals mass times acceleration. This is the one formula I remember clearly from my only college science course, “Introduction to Scientific Thought.” I enrolled in the class my freshman year because I really didn’t want to take... Read More

Westmont History in the Interim

Published: Fall 2006

As Westmont enters its 70th year, the college is recruiting a new president, a new provost and a new vice president for finance. It’s not a new situation. In 1971, after President John Snyder resigned, Westmont also lacked a... Read More

The Hall that Westmont Built

Published: Summer 2006

Enrollment at Westmont grew steadily in the 1950s, creating crowded conditions on campus. Building Page Hall in 1959 eased the housing situation, but only temporarily. By 1960, college officials started planning for another residence hall. Too many students lived... Read More

At Home in Santa Barbara

Published: Spring 2006

In 1945, Westmont faced the biggest crisis in its short history. After buying an Altadena golf course and clubhouse, the college sold its cramped Los Angeles campus and prepared to move. But county officials denied the zoning change required... Read More

The Day Altadena Said 'No'

Published: Winter 2006

Controversy about campus plans isn’t new at Westmont. Just seven years after its founding in 1937, the college sought a new location as the six-acre Los Angeles campus had quickly become overcrowded. The trustees looked for property with land... Read More