Historical Feature Archive:

The Day the Library Moved

Published: Fall 2005

It took 19 months to build Roger John Voskuyl Library, but only one day to fill it with books. On May 16, 1968, the college canceled classes and 600 students, staff and administrators moved 45,000 books and bound periodicals... Read More

The Catherwood Choir

Published: Summer 2005

Music has played a significant role at Westmont from its earliest days. Helen Catherwood, the daughter of Trustee W.W. Catherwood, joined the faculty of Western Bible College part time in the fall of 1939. She took over the choir,... Read More

A Pioneering Professor

Published: Spring 2005

He arrived expecting to earn $200 a month, but he worked for eight years before receiving his full salary. With a wife and children to support, he took second jobs in a mirror and frame shop and in food... Read More

The Campus that Roger Built

Published: Winter 2005
The Campus that Roger Built

In 1950, Roger Voskuyl left a prestigious, secure position as dean of the faculty at Wheaton for the uncertainties of the presidency of the young and deeply troubled Westmont. The Westmont trustees had just fired then-president James Forrester. Between... Read More

Early Support for the Sciences

Published: Winter 1998

<p.Nearly 12 years after moving to Santa Barbara, Westmont built its first academic building: Carroll Observatory. With students living in Quon-set huts, professors using closets for offices, and the library and dining hall sharing space, this move seems surprising.... Read More

Say It with Roses

Published: Summer 1997

Believing “there is more to a rose than a cabbage on a stick,” Ralph Moore has devoted nearly all his 90 years to raising roses. The “Father of the American Miniature Rose” and a highly decorated rosarian, he has... Read More

Women Who Made a Difference Remembering Eulah, Louise, Mable, Madeleine, and Nora

Published: Fall 1996

by Iva Hillegas Schatz Director of Planned Giving Who Were They? These women were a part of the Westmont family although they never enrolled as students and probably never met one another. Each individual became acquainted with the college... Read More

Faithful for 50 Years

Published: Summer 1996

Long-term commitments characterize the life of Dr. Bruce Bare. Not only has he given 49 years of service to the Westmont board, but he spent his entire professional career with New England Mutual Life Insurance, as his father did... Read More