Fall 2000 Archive:

Historic Gifts to Westmont

Published: Fall 2000 in Giving

$10 Million Gift Largest Ever Stephen and Denise Adams surprised and delighted 200 guests at an “Evening of Giving Thanks” Oct. 27 by announcing a $5 million gift to Westmont. When added to an earlier $5 million commitment, their... Read More

A Pastoral Presence

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

The Rev. Ben Patterson, contributing editor to Christianity Today and the Leadership Journal, comes to Westmont as campus pastor in January 2001. He will plan college chapels and convocations, speak frequently to students, and serve as pastor of the... Read More

Admitted as Director

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

After more than 18 years in the Westmont admissions office, Joyce Luy has become director of admissions, a position she held for a year on an interim basis. She worked briefly as an admissions counselor in 1982 before becoming... Read More

Research that Changes Lives

For 20 years, chemistry Professor Allan Nishimura has done research on the molecule 2-indanone, and he’s excited about his results. He has certainly learned a great deal and published many scholarly papers, but he values most the impact he... Read More

Committed to China

On a busy thoroughfare in the Guangxi province of China, six Americans meandered amongst the natives while the local mafia followed close behind. Last summer, Allie Wilcox ’02 led a group from Westmont that traveled to China. Michael Curtis... Read More

Returning Home

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

In a touching and tearful ceremony at the Homecoming brunch in September, the Alumni Association declared President David Winter and his wife, Helene, honorary Westmont alums. To honor his 25 years of dedicated service to the college and her... Read More

Healing People, Pastors and Congregations

After decades of pastoring, counseling, teaching and preaching, Dr. Bennet Yorton ’50 says one thing hasn’t changed: There is no substitute for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This truth has guided him as he has taught theological students,... Read More

Teaching Visual Literacy

“Amistad,” “Glory,” “Do the Right Thing,” “Dances with Wolves.” These film titles are synonymous with Hollywood success. But for Laura Weiss Zlogar ’73 they are a tremendous, untapped resource for teachers. An English professor at the University of Wisconsin-River... Read More

Snatching Success from Near Defeat

Eleven months into a failing business, Kip Bradley ’84 sat down with his wife, Patti Smith Bradley ’82, and drew a line in the sand. They gave themselves 30 days to succeed. If nothing happened in a month, they... Read More

Partners in Prayer

David MacCulloch ’84 likes to keep an active mind; at Westmont he majored in both English and economics and business. After graduating, he went into the insurance business, working as a broker, managing a claims office, and opening branch... Read More

Remembering Eric

Eric McKellips ’91 passed away Aug. 26, 2000, at the age of 31 as a result of injuries suffered during an automobile accident. He attended Westmont from 1987-1991 and graduated summa cum laude before obtaining his accounting credential from... Read More

Finding Religion on the Web

Mark Tauber ’90 has made the move from page to screen, leaving the publishing industry in the Bay area for Silicon Alley and the dot.com world in New York City. He became vice president for Web services at beliefnet.com... Read More

From the Chairman of the Board

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

On behalf of the Westmont Board of Trustees, I am delighted to present the 1999-2000 fiscal report, which shows that we continue to operate with sound financial management. As expected, Westmont ended the 1999-2000 fiscal year in the black and... Read More

A Year in Our Life

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

I never cease to be amazed at all the activities taking place on a campus like Westmont. Sometimes people ask me about a lecture or recital or special program of some kind and I don’t even know about it.... Read More

A Healthy Report

Published: Fall 2000 in Giving

The Westmont tradition of sound financial management and careful spending continued during the 1999-2000 fiscal year. For the 16th year in a row, the college finished in the black. According to Ronald Cronk, vice president for administration and finance,... Read More

The Campaign For Westmont

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

A nationally recognized liberal arts college founded in 1937, Westmont has made remarkable progress in developing a distinctive academic program, attracting exceptional faculty members and students, and creating a superb learning environment. Still, we are a relatively young college... Read More

Completing the Campus

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

After years of careful study and community-wide discussion and review, Westmont has developed an updated master plan for completing the campus.This plan has guided the objectives of the capital campaign, and the initial phase of completing the campus will... Read More

Building the Endowment

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

During its short history, Westmont has elevated the quality of its faculty and students, strengthened its academic program, and enhanced the campus environment. To sustain and build upon these achievements, Westmont must increase its permanent endowment to support student... Read More

Enhancing College Programs

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

The mission of Westmont is accomplished through our programs, which include all activities that contribute to the education of our students. Whether attending class or spending time in the residence halls, chapel, art studios, or athletic contests, students are... Read More

Westmont Fund Sets Record

Published: Fall 2000 in Giving

Each year since 1995, when The Westmont Fund made its debut, the college has exceeded its goal for this important fund. During the 2000 fiscal year, donors gave $1.75 million, 17 percent more than the target of $1.5 million.... Read More

Selective Admissions

Published: Fall 2000 in College News

In the mid-1980s, Westmont reached the maximum enrollment permitted by Santa Barbara County: 1,200 students studying on campus. Since that time, the number of applications from prospective students has risen steadily, from 1,109 in 1985 to 1,747 in 2000,... Read More

In Memory of Five Friends

Published: Fall 2000 in Giving

Westmont is pleased to acknowledge legacy gifts received during the 1999-2000 fiscal year from the estates of the following members of the Wallace Emerson Society: June Bauer moved to Santa Barbara after a career as a psychologist in Beverly... Read More

Wallace Emerson Society

Evelyn Varney ’46 has retired twice in her life. After graduating from Westmont with a degree in Christian education, she taught Bible classes in public schools for two years until the Supreme Court outlawed the practice in 1948. After... Read More