Fall 2007 Archive:

Preparing for the Future as We Honor the Past

On April 11, 2008, we will celebrate my inauguration as the eighth president of Westmont. This ceremony offers the college a valuable opportunity to present itself to the broader community. As we look ahead to the event, I want... Read More

Comet Creates Celestial Sensation

Published: Fall 2007 in College News

Westmont’s Keck Telescope has captured impressive color photographs of a rare celestial surprise in the northeastern evening sky. Comet 17P/Holmes in the constellation Perseus caught astronomers off guard when it suddenly brightened Oct. 24. “The comet was discovered by... Read More

A Busy Season for the Arts

Published: Fall 2007 in College News

Now in its third year, Westmont’s Christmas Festival has gained a loyal following, selling out again despite the addition of a third performance. Bringing together all the arts, the program featured the Chamber Orchestra and multiple choirs as well... Read More

Faculty to Share Honor

Published: Fall 2007 in College News

The Fletcher Jones Foundation has awarded Westmont $1 million toward the creation of the college’s first endowed chair in the social sciences. An anonymous donor has matched the grant with a $500,000 gift to fully endow the position. The... Read More

Studying Life's Big Questions

Biology professor Jeffrey Schloss has received two grants to study issues related to science and faith. He is exploring “Organic Embodiment of Transcendent Moral Commitments” with faculty from three other institutions through a $20,000 Science and Transcendence Advanced Research... Read More

Community Connections Are Found in Translation

Published: Fall 2007 in College News

In October, the theatre arts department presented an adaptation of Charlotte Brönte’s classic novel “Jane Eyre” and invited local high school students to attend three special matinees. These performances inaugurated an educational series, Found in Translation: Great Literature in... Read More

Faculty Footnotes

Frank Percival, Steve Julio and Eileen McMahon (biology) accompanied three students presenting posters at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research at CSU Los Angeles in November: Iris Adipue ’08, “Characterizing the immune response in a new mouse model... Read More

Poet, Apologist, Novelist, Theologian

Christian Worship Worldwide: Expanding Horizons, Deepening Practices Eerdmans, 2007 The Testimony Project: Papua Deiyai Press, 2007 Charles Farhadian, editor Now that the majority of believers live in Africa, Asia and Central and South America, religious studies professor Charles Farhadian... Read More

A Gala Homecoming Celebration

Published: Fall 2007 in College News

Despite an icy wind, alumni celebrated Westmont’s 70th anniversary with enthusiasm and a warm welcome for new President Gayle D. Beebe during Homecoming in October. Set outside in the rotunda of Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort, the event featured a... Read More

Care of the Word

Published: Fall 2007 in Feature Story

I was talking recently about stewardship of global resources with a young man who is hoping to make a career in environmental law. We considered the fate of water, soil, animal and plant species, and food systems. In the... Read More

Seasons of Sleep

They say that you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone and I can only assume that they — whoever they are — are talking about sleep. They also say humans need sleep to survive, and I can... Read More

Risky Business

Before Nick Lassonde ’03 went to work for Versora, a start-up soft-ware company, he received some sober advice: Be prepared to lose half of what you own. “Since all I had was a car, a computer and a PlayStation... Read More

A Trial by Fire

When hundreds of homes burned nearby in 1993, Malibu Presbyterian Church served as a FEMA center for local victims. This year, a wind-swept wildfire consumed the church as Pastor Greg Hughes ’85 and his family watched on TV. He’d... Read More

Living Off the Land

Patrick Zentz ’69 has lived off the land as a rancher and artist. Raised on a Montana plateau encompassed by mountains, he has passed most of his life in that sparse place, herding cattle, driving tractors and creating art... Read More

Connecting to the Westmont Network

The intensity of ski racing prepared Luke Giordano ’01 to work in the competitive finance industry, but Westmont helped him understand the value of networking. After a year on a skiing scholarship at the University of Nevada, Reno, Luke... Read More

An Officer and a Lady

Captain Erin Heupel Gorham ’04 thought her mother was “absolutely crazy” when she made an appointment for the Westmont freshman to see an Army recruiter. Erin went reluctantly, but realized the military could help her pay for college. A... Read More

Cultivating an Interest in Biology

Winnie Grasser Litten ’87 rises at 4:30 a.m. to take a vigorous, four-mile walk and never slows down all day. Arriving at Oak Park High School by 8 a.m., she opens her classroom to students looking for a safe... Read More

Visible Images to Help Invisible Children

After photographing the highly visible world of rock concerts, Jessica Fairchild Conrad ’10 has shifted her focus to helping invisible children in Uganda. It’s the second time her life has taken an unexpected direction. She turned to photography initially... Read More

Students Debate Their Way to the Top

Jimmy Wittrock ’10 and Phylicia Clifton ’10 competed with speech and debate teams in high school and wanted to continue that experience at Westmont. So they started a student-led speech and debate club this year through the Westmont Activities... Read More

Planning a Financially Fit Future

Published: Fall 2007 in Parents

Bob Freelove sees himself as a personal trainer designing fitness plans that help people get their estates in shape financially. The new director of gift planning, he has accumulated years of experience working with donors who desire to leave... Read More

Establishing Christian Education in California

Homeschooled on her family’s farm until the eighth grade, Mabel Culter became a teacher and principal who established her own academy. Raised on the plains of Kansas and Colorado, she spent most of her life serving schools in suburban... Read More

A Legacy of Scholarships

Thressa Kuipers and her late husband, Louis, grew up in Michigan and raised their four sons in Grand Rapids. Although he left a doctoral program at the University of Chicago to enter the business world, Lou always said he... Read More

Engineering a Ministry

A summer missions trip to Mexico helped Shawn Moore ’92 choose a career while he was still in high school. Unlike his friends from church who wanted to be youth pastors, Shawn didn’t feel called to full-time ministry. But... Read More